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King of the Urban Jungle

Tigerwood. Wild, yet sophisticated.

One of the finest quality hardwoods available. KANDY’s Tigerwood outdoor flooring will reflect your own unique style with its wide-ranging base colour tones, ripples of fine lines and bold rivers of darker, richer ocher, espresso and ebony.

The Sweet Treat for your Feet®!


How to Measure

Measuring your outdoor space properly is key to ensuring you get the right amount of product to give you the coverage you need. Here are the important steps.

  1. Do not guess
  2. Gather required tools:
    1. Tape measure, tool or technological device, e.g. laser, to determine distance
    2. Piece of paper and pencil
    3. Other means of recording your measurements
    4. Calculator or a brain capable of multiplication and division
  3. Larger spaces benefit from two people participating in the measuring process, to hold onto the end of the tape
  4. If you’re comfortable with paper and pen, roughly draw out the shape of the outdoor flooring area
  5. Identify the area where the length is longest
  6. Remove furniture, boxes or other blockages that may prevent you from getting an accurate measure
  7. Get the end of the measuring tape right up to the edge of the floor surface to be covered and hold it firm, while running the tape measure as level and straight as possible all the way to the other edge.
    1. Record the number of feet and inches
    2. Round the number up to the nearest full foot

For example, if the precise measurement is 15’11” then round the number up to 16’. This will ensure that you have enough product including wastage for full coverage of your surface area.

  1. Identify the area of the space that is the widest
  2. Repeat steps 5, 6, and 7 for the width
  3. Note the measurements for length and width
  4. Multiply length by width.


For example:

Length you found to be 24’ 3”

Width you found to be 8’7”


Rounding up to full feet get you:  

Length 25’

Width 9’


Multiply Length X Width or 26’ X 9’ = 225


In this example the total square footage of product required to fully cover your area is 225 square feet.


You can now transfer this number to





The granite tiles are 11¾ “ by 11¾ “ so you will need slightly more product to cover your area than if they were precisely 12” X 12” so you will need to multiply your square footage number from ‘How to measure’ by a factor of 1.0438.

So from the example on the ‘How to measure’ tab, you multiply 225 X 1.0348 and round up to the nearest whole number which equals 233.

Granite tiles come in boxes of 6 so:

233 divided by 6, rounded up to the nearest whole number equals 39.

CLICK HERE and enter 39 (or the number from your calculations) in the BUY NOW box and start getting excited about your expanded home experiences!

For all except GRANITE and LIGHTS (light doesn’t need how to measure or how to order)

These tiles are all either 12” X 12” or 12” X 24” and all come in boxes equaling ten square feet.

So,  from the example on the ‘How to measure’ tab, you copy your final square footage number here which was 233 in the example.

Since the boxes come in 10 square feet you divide 233 by 10 and round up to the nearest whole number, in this case = 24.



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